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Rural Housing Playbook

December 05, 2012

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The Playbook was created to help overcome these systemic barriers.  It introduced a process that encourages communities to view housing as an interrelated and integral part of any community development and economic development plan.  The Playbook is designed to provide communities with technical assistance to develop their own specific and appropriate housing plans and to connect communities with resource providers and funding mechanisms that can help them implement those plans. The Playbook process involves:


·         Community Engagement:  establish community group and leadership structure, conduct community meetings, and raise awareness of the need for housing

·         Community Self-Discovery: conduct needs assessments (either self-assessment and/or professional assessment), share information gathered with the community, prioritize key actions

·         Community Concept and Design: Create a design with key actions identified, market the project, and target potential customers

·         Development Game Plan: includes pre-development steps of setting up a timeline, determining financial feasibility, and obtaining permits, the actual development and construction of a project, and operations after