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A lifetime farmer and rancher, I have spent the last twenty years in food service. We have operated cafes in five towns and catered meals from Bismark to Sioux Falls, Minneapolis to Belle Fouche. We have prepared food for up to 900 people, and served in tents, barns, pastures, and fine catering halls. We cater weddings, funerals, proms,
bull sales, farm sales, school reunions; anything and anywhere. Fred and I have been married for 37 years and raised seven children, our best crop! From farming to fine dining, we are a family business.

I started baking bread at the age of nine. Grandma’s recipe called for 14 cups of water, and measured the flour by the bowlfuls. I learned early that Dad would let me visit my favorite cousin in Puckwana if he had fresh bread, so I did a lot of baking in the summer! That was my first lesson in how rewarding good cooking could be, not just for me, but for those I loved.

My expansion project involves using the wonderful facilities in the village of Polo. The Polo Community Center (formerly Polo High School) features a full sized gym that can seat 400, with a stage and tables and chairs on site, a commercial kitchen, and handicap accessible bathrooms. My plan includes hosting one event per week during the summer months, which I would cater. That in turn would provide work for the area youth and weekend work for those looking for extra income. Within a 25 mile radius of Polo, we have so many support businesses that would prosper from this influx of people: motels and bed and breakfasts', gas stations, restaurants and bars, florists, photographers, gift shops, barbers and beauticians, golf courses and recreation areas.

I would like to see my community commit to leading the way on fully utilizing school buildings that have been closed all across our state. One possibility would be to offer office space (empty classrooms) for entrepreneurs in the community, possibly sharing office equipment and internet services. It is a huge loss to a community when their school is closed, but that void can be filled by focusing on what remains. As a business person, I would love to have an office space with shared expenses for phone and technology. It would also be great to spend time with fellow entrepreneurs and grow our businesses together.

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35415 SD Hwy 26
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