Hope’s Playground & Park raise funds

Tuesday, December 05, 2017


The above “thermometer” shows how much money has been raised for the new playground and park to be constructed on the southwest edge of Faulkton.

Hope’s Park and Playground is on its way to becoming a reality. The thermometer (as shown in the picture) measuring the path to our goal of $85,000 is at $62,501 of funds that have been committed so far. Of that amount, $42,316 given by individuals and groups has been received and is shown by the solid red mark. The blue mark represents the $15,000 Let’s Play Community Construction grant that has been awarded by the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group and national non-profit KaBOOM to help fund some of the playground equipment. The striped red mark represents $5,185 that has been committed by individuals but not yet received for a total of $62,501.

The goal of $85,000 should complete the bathroom and picnic facility, the toddler through age five equipment and surfacing, the outdoor musical instruments, and the swing area. Depending on the income generated from our buy-a-brick campaign in the coming months and any further access to grant money, the $100,000 goal, if reached, would complete the five through 12-year-old playground equipment as well.

Buy-A-Brick Campaign

A permanent way to honor, memorialize a person, or donate to the project is through our buya-brick campaign. Any individual, family, or business can have their name and/or honorees name printed on a brick to line our park sidewalk for a $100 donation. The imprinting is a laserprocess and will be a permanent part of our park and playground.

Any donated amount to this project is appreciated and is tax deductible. Donors will receive their receipt and thank you through the mail or email from the Snake Creek Development Corporation. In order to receive a tax deduction for 2017, donations must be made by Sunday, Dec. 31.We encourage donations be made by the end of 2017 so that we may assess our donation level and make decisions about further fundraising and grant needs if available. Our brick project also has a time-table for the printing process, and we need lead time to get the bricks for our construction process in a timely manner. Although donations will continue to be accepted after December 31, we appreciate your consideration of the time constraints.


A website is being set up for your convenience should you decide to donate by this method. Look for an ad in next week’s Faulk County Record with the website address.

Another way to donate is through Hope’s Park and Playground donation cards that are available to pick up at several area businesses: Bauer’s Super Valu, BerMacs, Country Roots, Dot T’s, Faulkton Area Medical Center, Faulkton Drug, Homan Ace Hardware, Mueller Therapeutic Massage, Muffin Tops, Orient Bar and Grill, Quilter’s Corner, Styles by Stacy, Virgene’s Style Center, 163rd St Design, Faulk County Record and the Faulkton Economic Development Office.

Area businesses will receive informational letters this week also explaining the donation process and different levels of donations should they decide to contribute to the project. It is hoped to get the bathroom facility constructed yet this fall if the weather cooperates. Park construction will begin again as soon as possible in the spring. A tentative build date for the final leg of the playground is scheduled for Aug. 2 and 3, 2018 with a public ribbon cutting and celebration.

The committee appreciates the generous support received so far for this project. Not only will the bricks be a visible sign of support at the park and playground, but any individuals, groups, or businesses wanting to contribute larger amounts will be recognized by different levels of sponsorship on a plaque denoting bronze, silver, gold or platinum sponsors. Anyone having questions about these levels of donation should contact Beth Deiter, 598-6785. It is hoped to continue raising funds so that the initial $85,000 goal is reached by year’s end or shortly thereafter.

Article courtesy of the Faulk County Record.

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