Bauers in new venture…The Steel Barn

Monday, February 26, 2018


Michael and Emily Bauer in front of their new CNC table (Computer Numerical Control).

Michael and Emily Bauer have started a new business in Faulkton, The Steel Barn.

The new business consists of a CNC Table (computer numerical control) which cuts metal (an actual cutting torch) into designs. The idea came about in December when Emily was visiting with Carrie Deiter at Deiter’s shop 163rd Street Design. They were looking at signs Deiter had designed which included metal art.

After the Bauers researched the idea they decided to go ahead with the business. “Michael has always been good with woodworking and design,” commented Emily. “And between the two of us we thought this would be a good fit.

The CNC Table (which is 4x8) has a plasma cutter hooked up to a computer. There are several programs, ink scape, cad program or sheet cam which they use on the computer and then the design is sent to the CNC table. The code will cut whatever
your design is, which can be drawings, photos, trace, or monograms. It was also noted they can cut several designs at once on one sheet of metal.

The Bauers cut their first piece of metal the beginning of January. Since then they have cut many samples and have already done some custom designs for customers. “Learning the program was the biggest part of the business,” Emily commented, “along with assembling the CNC table.”

The Bauers stated they are lucky to have a local supplier of metal from Common Sense Mfg. At present the system is located in their garage. Their plans are to move the business to their red “barn” just south of their home. They have already put in new windows and plan to insulate and reside the building.

They are excited about their new adventure and urge you to contact them with your ideas, at 201-7617, Michael or 201-5493, Emily. You can also check out their facebook page at

Article and photo courtesy of the Faulk County Record.

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