Work progresses on new county highway shop

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Faulk CountyOn Tuesday, June 11, Oban Construction of Ipswich arrived in Faulkton to demolish the Faulk County Highway shop, which is just north of Hwy. 212, on 8th Ave. Oban started at about noon and were making quick work of tearing down the old shop. Watch for more details next week about the new construction and costs.

Faulk CountyThe Faulk County Commissioners accepted the design-bid proposal from Logan Electric of Gettysburg (working above). Logan’s proposal had the most complete design for an office area, storage area and bathrooms as well as the most complete interior finishes for $1.15 million. (Such as the tinwork and floor finishes). The design also included an outside concrete apron and was designed with a structure able to support a future lift crane.

TruckIn addition said proposal will include no additional cost for architectural or design fees, the proposed plan also includes a completion date compliant with the November 1 deadline and the plan is within the budget that was set by the Board ($1.2 million). Logan’s plan appeared to have the most financial advantages as well as the best return on investment for the county. It is noted that taxes are not to be raised to complete this project. Oban Construction received the bid to demolish the old shop building for $11,000, and $3.47 per cubic yard of over excavation, $5.50 per cubic yard to fill excavation of footing and floor area. The old highway shop building was 65 feet wide by 121 feet long, with only 60 x 46’ that was heated, which was an issue in trying to “thaw” out equipment for snow removal. This past winter the County Highway Department was storing motor graders in BerMac's car wash and another in John Giesen's shop inorder to thaw out and be ready for snow removal the next day. The new highway shop building will be 160 feet long, 100 feet wide and 20 foot sidewalls and shall be on concrete footings and foundation with the capability of supporting an under running crane on the ceiling in the future. The building will have the capability to store, maintain and work on equipment with adequate facilities for employees and will have floor heat. Highway Dept. Superintendent Konni Giesen has signed up for the DENR tank removal program to remove the two 12,000 gal. fuel tanks. That bid was awarded through DENR’s office and Logan Electric Construction was also awarded that bid. The tanks were installed in 1997. Above photo is of Faulk County Highway employees Jeff Hutchinson in the semi with Rocky Speck loading dirt to haul away.

Courtesy of the Faulk County Record.

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