#TravelTuesday: Discover Your Sense of Wonder in South Dakota

Monday, July 08, 2019

Thinking the only thing to see in South Dakota is Mount Rushmore is like thinking the only thing to see in Texas is the Alamo.

Make no mistake. Both are magnificent testaments to our nation’s resiliency and our fight for freedom, equality and independence. Mount Rushmore is impactful, the scope alone tends to elicit whispers and reverence, and Texas’ Alamo has the same effect.

For those seeking adventure without crowds, open roads with miles of farmland and educational opportunities so engaging that you’ll have to pry your kids away, South Dakota also delivers. It doesn’t take long to feel the wealth of open space, thanks in part to the lack of crowds. You’ll want to plan ahead because there are major attractions that appeal to the masses but take a few steps to the left or walk down a quiet trail and you’ve got it all to yourself.

A City of Presidents

Located east of the Black Hills National Forest, Rapid City is the gateway to Mount Rushmore and the Crazy Horse Memorial. A worthwhile destination to kick-start your vacation or to wrap it up, whichever you choose, don’t miss exploring this friendly, walkable city. Its historic downtown, purposefully void of national chains, will welcome you to its quaint shops full of locally-made items, authentic Native American art and at least one coffee shop that boasts a variety of homemade pop tarts complete with a vintage VW bus not-so-subtlety parked inside.

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