Transit will provide essential services only

Friday, April 03, 2020

Community Transit will continue to provide ESSENTIAL SERVICE ONLY until further notice. We define ESSENTIAL SERVICE as medical, employment or nutrition related trips. Here is a breakdown of each:

MEDICAL – we will transport anyone for any medical related appointment within the defined service area (city of Faulkton). This can include a trip to the local pharmacy for necessary meds. There is to be no additional shopping or browsing if there is in fact a trip to the local drug store.

EMPLOYMENT – simply put, we will provide a trip to work and a trip home from work. If there is a stop needed at the grocery store for groceries or a stop at the drug store for meds, that is allowed.

NUTRITION – people must eat during this time so trips to buy groceries is permitted. This can be a local grocery store or any location which sells groceries including. This DOES NOT include someone wanting a ride up to the C-store for a pop and a slice of pizza. That is not considered a nutritional trip and our drivers will be encouraged NOT to take those requests.

Public Transit is considered an essential part of the infrastructure of any community where it operates. The number of trips in Faulkton is obviously way down, but there are still those few individuals who need this service. Encourage the people of Faulkton not to abuse the system by taking trips which do not fit the above described categories.

Category: Transit