3 Easy Ways to Stay Productive in Stressful Times

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

The million-dollar question in the past two months has been: How do I stay productive during these hard times? When so much is weighing on our hearts and minds — the developing news, fear of what’s to come, and, let’s be honest, cabin fever — it can be difficult to find our groove and stay productive on a daily basis. Some say we shouldn’t even try to be productive right now, but others (like me) have no choice. We have businesses to run, jobs to complete and still have to find our flow somehow. 

While many have ruminated on best practices for productivity since the onset of the pandemic, the best way to learn what works for your own productivity is simply by trial and error. In my own experience with the stay-at-home decree, I’ve tested techniques that work best for my own productivity and believe they could help you, too. In fact, I’ll be using these techniques even when the world shifts back to its new normal. 

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