Shopping Locally Increases Sales Tax Revenue and Benefits Faulkton

Shopping Locally Increases Sales Tax Revenue and Benefits Faulkton Main Photo

9 Jul 2020

When Faulkton residents stayed closer to home during the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a surprising silver lining . . . or maybe even a pot of gold. As people stayed put, so did their spending dollars. According to the Faulk County Record, this year’s sales tax revenue from January 1st until April 30th increased to the tune of $11,521 from this time last year. So not only did local business owners find more money in their pockets, the community has more money for the things they need too. 

This is such an economic boon according to Mayor Slade Roseland. “The increase in sales tax revenues during this pandemic goes to show how shopping locally directly impacts your community,” he said. “We were unsure of what to expect from sales tax revenues these last few months, but the increase has been a welcomed surprise.”

This trend of shopping locally needs to continue even as travel restrictions loosen.  

Linda Bartholomew, Secretary of the Faulkton Area Economic Board of Directors and a member of the Faulkton City Council understands exactly how important shopping locally is for everyone. Not only is she a volunteer and community activist, she is a retired business owner. She and her husband operated Faulkton Drug for forty-three years before selling the business in 2008.

“Shopping at home is naturally good for economic development in so many ways,” she said. “Also, people forget the reason those potholes aren’t getting fixed or sidewalks are in disrepair is because there wasn't enough money in the city budget from tax dollars generated locally to do it — sometimes it’s hard to make the connection.”

Those tax dollars are vitally important. Mayor Roseland said, “Sales tax revenue is the biggest revenue source for the city. We use the funds to fix our streets, update our airport, upkeep all our city properties and day-to-day operations. The City Council hasn’t discussed using the increased revenues for anything specific yet. We have talked about paying some of our debt service agreements off from our water and sewer projects of the past.” 

Diana Homan of Homan HardwareBeyond tax revenue, supporting Faulkton business owners has other benefits that ripple throughout the community. These local businesses are the driving beat that connects the whole community socially and economically. Their charitable contributions fortify everything good about Faulkton. These business owners are your friends, your neighbors, and your community leaders.

Diana Homan, who co-owns Homan Hardware with her husband, Chad, has been serving the community and surrounding counties for over six years. Homan definitely noticed an increase in customer foot traffic during the spring.

“I hope community members are finding that our local retailers have everything they need!” said Homan.

You can see the truth in that statement since Homan Hardware carries electrical, plumbing, fencing, and garden supplies, plus personal items like Muck Boots, rubber overshoes, gloves, and hats. 

“There’s lots of items we offer, but we just can’t name them all!” said Homan. “We also provide services at the hardware store such as key cutting, assembly, and in-town delivery. At Homan Hardware, our staff will go above and beyond to meet the customer’s needs. We form relationships with the customers and that is what keeps them coming back!”

Being located in the community means Homan Hardware can be responsive to specific needs. Follow their Facebook Page to be updated on new items in stock or to give your opinion on what should be ordered in the near future. Recently added items include Daisy bb guns, air pistols, and accessories to support Faulk County 4-H’s shooting sports. An expanded selection of fishing poles, tackle, and storage were added for summer. Future plans include a new section of Milwaukee and DeWalt power tools, an expanded section of air tools and accessories, and an expansion of home goods and small appliances.

Bauer’s SuperValu grocery store — serving Faulkton since 1994 — demonstrated a similar responsiveness to the community’s needs during the pandemic offering curb-side pick-up, as well as delivery service in town to customers who could not get to the store. Every customer who shops in the store is offered carry-out service.

“We have been doing our best to offer what we can in a small local community,” said owner, Randy Bauer. “We have very friendly employees who are willing to help everyone who comes through our front door.”

Save the gas and pump up your community by continuing to shop locally. It’s an easy commitment that can have a big impact on maintaining Faulkton’s quality of life. As Bauer said, “Shopping locally at all current Faulkton businesses can keep Faulkton growing and thriving.”