Faulkton Area Medical Center Provides Superior Technology and Services

Faulkton Area Medical Center Provides Superior Technology and Services Main Photo

2 Jun 2021


Quality, exceptional health care has a long tradition in the Faulkton area starting in 1914 when the forward-thinking community decided a hospital was needed. What began as a care center located in a three-story privately-owned home has transformed and relocated over the years to become today’s Faulkton Area Medical Center built in 2007. 

With the move to the current location on the southwest edge of Faulkton, all related health facilities were physically joined by hallways: the hospital and clinics of FAMC, The Meadows assisted-living facility, and the Faulkton Health Care Center nursing home. The hospital and clinics continue to be governed by an independent, local board of directors while the nursing home and assisted-living facility are operated by a private corporation.

“Our facility is fairly new,” said Heather Bode, CEO/Administrator of FAMC, “and we have many of the same state-of-the-art pieces of healthcare equipment that other institutions in the industry have.” 

For a community the size of Faulk County, having a medical center with that level of technology is noteworthy. FAMC remains a valuable asset for the community because leadership remains focused on improvement and innovation.

FAMC just recently installed GE’s newest Revolution Maxima CT Scanner. This machine will offer better clarity, decreased artifacts from metal in the body, and faster scanning speeds — all while delivering a lower dose of radiation to the patient. FAMC is also on the leading-edge of earlier detection of heart attacks with its adoption on January 1, 2021 of a new high-sensitivity troponin test that is set to become an industry standard.

FAMC of late also increased its respiratory equipment and technology to include a new ventilator among other things, and replaced its hematology analyzer to provide more sensitive diagnostic results.

Recently, a remodel to enclose the emergency drop-off was completed. While first imagined as a COVID testing drive-thru, it will also serve as protection from the elements for ambulance and private vehicle patient drop-offs. On the clinic and outreach sides of the hospital, renovation is under way to create four negative airflow exam rooms for patients with suspected respiratory illnesses. These will allow air to be filtered directly out of the building. 

“We are constantly looking for new services we can provide to our patients here at home along with staying up-to-date in both technology and education,” said Bode. “All our staff keep up-to-date with certifications just like the nurses and staff at larger institutions do. We have certified staff on site who provide certifications in life-saving education.”

Nurse at the Faulkton Area Medical CenterFAMC offers chemotherapy infusion services, colonoscopies, EGDs, cardiac rehabilitation, and a monthly pain clinic.  COVID vaccinations are available to all who are eligible: Pfizer vaccines for those 12 years of age and up, or Moderna for those 18 years of age and over.  

They have a full-service therapy department providing occupational, physical, and speech therapy to inpatient and outpatient populations. They also have outreach services that come to FAMC to provide care in audiology, chiropractic medicine, orthopedics, cardiology, and nephrology, as well as to conduct sleep studies.

“If FAMC did not exist in Faulk County, the residents would have to seek primary health care in a neighboring community, which could consist of traveling upwards of 30 to 60 miles depending upon location,” said Bode. “Traveling that distance when having an emergency could be life altering. We are thankful that FAMC is located in Faulkton and able to serve those in Faulk County and surrounding areas that need our care.” 

FAMC is able to secure state-of-the-art equipment through the help of the Faulkton Area Medical Center Foundation. This summer, the Foundation will launch a calendar raffle fundraiser. In previous years, the Foundation has held silent auctions, golf tournaments, clothing fundraisers, ice cream socials, and formal galas.

“Because of the excellent care and family environment that FAMC provides to our patients. our community supports our facility very well,” said Bode.

FAMC is also a reliable employer for the community. Bode indicated there are the following job openings: full-time hospital Registered Nurse with a $2,000 signing bonus, full-time head housekeeper, full-time maintenance assistant, full-time physical therapist, and PRN hospital Registered Nurse.

For More Information about Faulkton Area Medical Center

FAMC is an independent organization welcoming both Avera and Sanford insurances, among several others. For more information, visit their website. Follow FAMC on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Donations to the Faulkton Area Medical Center Foundation can be made directly here to help FAMC secure equipment to continue to provide quality care for the residents of Faulk County.