Shop Local for Valentine’s Day

Shop Local for Valentine’s Day Main Photo

13 Feb 2023


“Since the 1840s when Esther A. Howland, “Mother of the Valentine,” began selling the first mass-produced valentines, Valentine’s Day has become the second largest card-sending holiday in America.” - It is also the day to display romance between loved ones by exchanging candy, flowers, and gifts.

Big chain stores usually promote Valentine’s Day starting in January through February 14th. Because of their large presence and early push, it’s easy for locals to forget about the unique gifts found in local stores around town. Faulkton’s retailers sell quality products and are a convenient stop for the last-minute shopper.  

Small Businesses and the Community

Faulkton is a self-reliant city. This is possible because of the connection between small businesses and the community. Locally-owned businesses help build stronger and more equitable communities by:

  • Creating jobs for community members
  • Paying taxes that go toward public services and infrastructure
  • Using local sources vs. outsourcing
  • Being more philanthropic
  • Recycling resident dollars within the community
  • Creating generational wealth through longevity

Uniqueness Overload

Holidays are the best time to find the rarest, most peculiar, distinctive, and memorable gifts. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or Christmas, holidays are the playground for uniqueness overload. Small and local businesses are the perfect retailers to have elite finds. Such extraordinary items also help strengthen community identities while sharing community culture. 

For many, their favorite shopping memories occurred when visiting a small business. A unique connection is displayed when small and local business owners greet you by name and ask about the well-being of you and your loved ones. This type of bond enhances the customer service experience and is a rarity to happen at a big chain store. 

February is the Month of Love

As we move closer and closer to Valentine’s Day, most of Faulkton’s bountiful list of retailers have Valentine’s Day window displays and sales. If you haven’t purchased an item for your loved one, consider this your reminder. Go visit one of Faulkton’s local stores and buy a few love tokens. If you missed Valentine’s Day, February is the month of love. Therefore, you can continue expressing adoration through March 1st.

Learning, feeling, and knowing love starts at home. If you have children, gift them a love token for Valentine’s Day or within this month. This act of service falls under one of five love languages, as originally described by Gary Chapman.

If you are single, gift yourself a love token. They say, “Self-love is the best love.” Have some flowers delivered to you by you. Treat yourself to a lovely dinner. There is a strength shown when dining alone.  

For more love token ideas and a list of retailers with Valentine’s Day specials, scroll through Faulkton Business and Professional Associations’ Facebook page now and through February 14, 2023.