Rockin’ E Inn and Cabins

Rockin’ E Inn and Cabins Main Photo

3 May 2023


May 7 - 13, 2023, is National Travel and Tourism Week. “Established in 1983, National Travel and Tourism Week is an annual tradition to celebrate the U. S. travel community and travel’s essential role in stimulating economic growth, cultivating vibrant communities, creating quality job opportunities, inspiring new businesses, and elevating the quality of life for Americans,” - NTTW. As the nation celebrates this 40-year tradition, Faulkton Area Economic Development is highlighting Rockin’ E Inn and Cabins. 

Fall 2022, Cody and Sarah Edgar expanded their owners’ wings and purchased the Westside Motel, renaming it Rockin' E Inn and Cabins. Since their purchase, the Edgars have been dedicated to upgrades and renovations in their quest to make Rockin’ E Inn and Cabins a landmark lodging alternative. 

We sat down with the new owners to learn more about their goals for the business. Continue on and feel connected with the owners of your next vacation lodging location.

Rockin’ E Inn & Cabins

Business owners are problem solvers and Cody and Sarah Edgar saw a lodging problem within Faulkton worth solving. With the closing of the Westside Motel, the Edgars jumped on the opportunity. 

We asked the Edgars why they took on the business. “The community of Faulkton does a lot to draw visitors, from hunting to shopping to social events, but it’s limited on places to stay. We saw a need for it in the community. We saw an opportunity to clean up the business and have a nice place in town for visitors to stay and enjoy.” 

How will Rockin’ E Inn & Cabins contribute to area tourism for hunting?

“More hunters and visitors are now able to stay in Faulkton, so they’ll visit local businesses and spend their money in our community. This helps stimulate Faulkton’s economy and secure local jobs. Before, hunters stayed outside of Faulkton when visiting Faulkton.”

As a business owner, what do you like best about having your business in Faulkton?

“Faulkton is a great place to run a business. Seeing the people’s reactions to the updates we’ve made, it’s rewarding to have people appreciate the work we’ve put into the property and hearing that they enjoy staying here. It’s been really great!” 

You mentioned updates. What updates have you completed? What renovations are planned?

“So far we have put new siding on all the cabins and the front motel building, new windows and doors have been put in, as well as a new roof. We’ve remodeled five of the seven cabins. Four of the motel rooms have been redone. We’ve recently started construction to add a lobby/community room area and will finish the final two motel rooms very soon!”

Thank you for taking the time to interview with us. What else would you like readers to know about Rockin’ E Inn and Cabins?

We are just looking forward to continuing to improve the cabins and motel. We hope to keep it a clean and enjoyable place for people to stay. The plan is to just keep working and updating every year! 

Rockin’ E Inn and Cabins is located at 1417 Main Street, Faulkton, SD 57438. You can make your reservation at 605-690-7401, or by going through VRBO.