Faulkton Saddles Up for Annual Wild West Days

Monday, June 24, 2019

Parade                                                        Picture Credit: Faulk County Record

Community-wide festivals play an important role in small towns. They emphasize the qualities that make a place distinctive, creating a sense of place and fostering community pride among residents.

Bull Riding Wild West Days in Faulkton is a perfect example of such an event. It’s a four-day extravaganza that engages area residents, both as volunteers and attendees. It also provides an economic boost to the community since it helps draw visitors to the area.

“It’s something people look forward to. It’s a great way to bring together community members, Faulkton alumni, extended family, and visitors. Wild West Days benefits the community as a whole and is always good for business,” says Megan Hlavacek, the president of the Business and Professional Association, which assists with Wild West Days logistics and planning.                 

Picture Credit: Faulk County Record 

The festival was conceived in 1990 after a discussion at a Business and Professional Association meeting about ways to promote Faulkton. The idea was that Wild West Days would celebrate Faulkton’s history and augment the already popular Faulk County Saddle Club’s rodeo.

Car showBy offering additional activities for everyone to enjoy it broadens the event’s audience. Wild West Days evolved to include a parade, dance, picnic, car show, carnival, games, fireworks and more. It also highlights other aspects of the town’s unique character with tours of the Pickler Mansion and carousel rides.


  Picture Credit: Diane Hanson

“There are a wide variety of activities, including both family-friendly events during the day and entertainment in the evening for the adults,” says Hlavacek.                                                                        

Up to a thousand people have attended, many from out of town. This is a big deal for a town like Faulkton, which is home to about 700 residents.

This year’s festivities start on Thursday, July 4 and include a program at the Pickler Mansion as well as a color run. The Lyric Theater will be playing “Avengers Endgame” each night.

FireworksFriday features a brat feed and ice cream social sponsored by local businesses. There will also be a bean bag tournament, Art Council talent show, old timer’s baseball game and fireworks.

Saturday starts out with coffee and rolls at the Senior Center and is followed by one of the highlights of the fest: the parade.

Next, folks can take part in a tractor pull and head to the baseball field for a picnic, car show, 4-H carnival and more. The Faulk Co Saddle Club bull and bronco riding events will be happening at the Rodeo Grounds. Additional music and evening entertainment will close out the day.                               Picture Credit: Crystal Kopecky

On Sunday, all the area churches come together to do one church service outdoors at the park. The day also features a golf scramble and brunch. Throughout the festival, there will be opportunities to visit the town’s murals, take a carousel ride, enjoy tours of the Pickler Mansion and visit the Historical Society Museum as well as splash around in the city pool and enjoy area parks.

RodeoHlavacek points out that local businesses ensure the event runs smoothly each year. They help with preparation and planning, sponsoring events, hosting the annual community picnic and advertising to encourage people to come to town. “It takes many community members and organizations to make Wild West Days a success each year and 2019 will be the best yet!”

For the most up to date schedule of events, visit the WIld West Days Facebook page. 


Picture Credit: Faulk County Record   

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