Entrepreneur Lisa Mueller 'Believes in Possible' in Faulkton, SD

18 Mar 2021


Faulkton, South Dakota’s support of its entrepreneurs is just a natural extension of its motto: “We believe in possible.” Lisa Mueller, licensed massage therapist and owner of Mueller Therapeutic Massage (MTM) certainly believed it was possible to successfully relocate her business there.

“When relocating, starting from scratch had its unknowns and uncertainties, especially going from a town of 7,000 to a town of 700. However, having grown up in Faulkton did help,” Lisa said.

Lisa Mueller, a 2000 Faulkton High School graduate, attended Concordia College in Moorhead, MN where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in exercise science. Pursuing her passion for the health and wellness field, she continued her education at Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, MN to become a massage therapist. After her marriage to her husband, Kyle, they moved to Algona, IA where she opened Mueller Therapeutic Massage in 2005.

When Kyle was searching for a new job, Lisa encouraged him because “when he found a job that he loved, it would not seem like work.”  

“I knew that although I would be starting from scratch, I could relocate my massage practice wherever we ended up,” Lisa said. “Luckily it ended with the verdict of anywhere East River, which found us back in my hometown, Faulkton! Best yet, we settled in my grandparents’ homestead just outside of Faulkton!”

Lisa Mueller Therapy Business SignLisa opened Mueller Therapeutic Massage in Faulkton in 2012. “Establishing a small hometown business has its pros and cons, but I do want to thank the Faulkton community for their continued support. I feel as though the success of an entrepreneurial business in a small town is grounded in being sincere and passionate about what you do. The passion for my calling shines through my hands in the healing work of massage on a daily basis.”

Lisa also applied for and received the Dakota Rising grant a year into establishing her practice in Faulkton. Dakota Rising was designed to spur a renaissance in South Dakota's rural economy. Lisa thought it was a great program for growth strategy for her business, and in turn, it could help the community as a whole in economic development. Her full interview can be seen in this Dakota Resources video.

Lisa has high expectations for her business and a strong background and depth of expertise in wellness and fitness. “While many have the misconception of massage being strictly for luxury, or relaxation, many would beg to differ, especially after COVID quarantine times. Massage is a therapeutic treatment that is often used as a rehabilitative healing process. Many times it keeps clients from being on medications for pain as well as acting as a natural relaxant for muscle stress and injury. It is often used as a healing mechanism.” 

“Mueller Therapeutic Massage offers a wide variety of services based on different time allotments. We provide anywhere from 30-minute to 90-minute sessions of basic hands on Swedish relaxation or trigger point therapies. Dependant upon the therapist, other therapies that are offered at MTM include cupping, hot stone therapy, essential oil inclusion, as well as paraffin hand dipping.” MTM also carries a retail line of products that includes exercise and healing equipment, CBD topicals, diffusers, health giftables, and Kiava leggings. 

Kelsey Lee joined MTM as a licensed massage therapist independent contractor in January of 2020. “Having started massage back in 2004, I had no doubt that wherever I ended up, I would be excited to own my own business,” Lisa said. “I am ecstatic to share these dreams with Kelsey this past year, as I feel we are both driven by similarities and have similar passions, which makes us work together so well as a team at Mueller Therapeutic Massage! We hope we can serve Faulkton and the surrounding community with such a natural healing impact during this COVID season!  Precautions continue to be taken at MTM to ensure that you and yours feel safe and can still receive the healing benefits we have to offer at Mueller Therapeutic Massage!”

As busy as Lisa is, she makes time to spend with Kyle and their four children and to volunteer in their community. She is currently Vice President of the Faulkton Area Foundation which was established to grant funds to non-profit organizations, and recently opened their first round of applications.

“We all know that living a fast-paced lifestyle  in today’s world can be stressful, let therapeutic massage help all of that stress and suffering!”

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