The Kindred Kottage

17 May 2023


When Faulkton native, Shauna Remily, envisioned her future, owning and running a greenhouse was not considered. Yet, life is a journey full of twists and turns, so the former teacher, daycare owner, and woodworking artist, added horticulturist to her many talents. 

Kindred Kottage

From The Potting Shed to The Kindred Kottage

Before The Kindred Kottage, it was The Potting Shed, owned and operated by Jerry and Cindy Kopecky. The Potting Shed was a Faulkton staple, and after 14 years in business, the Kopeckys retired. After putting their heart and soul into the greenhouse for so long, the Kopeckys didn’t want to simply close The Potting Shed’s doors. Cindy approached Shauna about purchasing the business. Shauna knew the stresses and benefits of owning and running a business, so she sat on the idea for a year. 

Already having an entrepreneurial spirit and experience, once Cindy put the idea in Shauna’s mind, the wheels started turning. Her love for plants was put into overdrive, learning as much as possible about horticulture through self-study and Cindy’s assistance. Shauna later accepted the Kopeckys’ offer and in 2022, The Kindred Kottage was born. 

The Present and Future of The Kindred Kottage

Now the owner of two businesses, a wife, a mother, and an all-around creative nurturer, Shauna has big ideas for the future of the greenhouse. She already implemented some fun add-ons for sale, like graphic tees, hand-painted watercolor artwork and prints, and sun-defense hats worn whether gardening or taking a stroll around town. She also added protective arm sleeves and other helpful garden accessories for sale. 

Due to South Dakota weather combined with how the industry works, The Kindred Kottage is a seasonal greenhouse. Therefore, some plants/greenery are best purchased during specific seasons: 

  • Spring - Annuals, perennials, succulents, vegetables, fruit, and ornamental trees
  • Autumn/Fall - Mums, flowering kale, pumpkins, and succulent pumpkins
  • Winter - Porch pots

Goals Shauna has for the future are to be open year-round and include houseplants. Shauna has hit the ground running and is ready to continue the positive impact the Kopeckys started with The Potting Shed.

Receiving advice and assistance from Cindy Kopecky, Shauna Remily plans to continue the high quality of customer service and plants that The Potting Shed introduced. Shauna has big dreams that expand to using the space behind the greenhouse. Faulkton residents can continue supporting the greenhouse in one of two ways: 

  1. Buy your plants at The Kindred Kottage
  2. Share social media posts and reviews about The Kindred Kottage

“A small town does not mean small quality. We pride ourselves on the quality of plants we offer. We hand-pick 75% of the plants we sell and only place a delivery order after we have seen the plants at the nursery first. We offer great products at great prices, plus, it’s a fun experience! Walking through the greenhouse makes you feel good. I want people to enjoy coming here! I want The Kindred Kottage to be the opposite of walking through a big box store. Come here on your lunch break. Grab a cup of coffee in town, then take a stroll through the greenhouse. I promise your trip here will be worth it,” - Shauna Remily. 

Currently, The Kindred Kottage is open for a few more weeks. Be sure to stop by, share a smile/conversation, make a purchase, and then post about your experience. A good review goes a long way. 

The Kindred Kottage, 35171 163rd Street in Faulkton, SD. You can also call them at 605-380-4208.

Thank you

Your Business Belongs in Faulkton

In Faulkton, we believe in possible! As Shauna Remily of The Kindred Kottage said,  “Owning a business in Faulkton is exciting. People are very supportive and want to see Faulkton continue to succeed. Residents know that supporting local is how that happens.” 

The Faulkton Area Economic Development is committed to economic growth in Faulkton. Learn what Shauna already knows, create, grow, and expand with us! Contact for more information.