Faulkton has a good building year; county total is more than 6 million

Saturday, February 09, 2019

faulton building permitsFaulkton Building Permits

Building permits for the 2018 year was slightly below last year for the City of Faulkton. Building permits from the Faulkton finance officer for 2018 totaled $778,750 with 15 permits issued.

The total for 2017 was $848,700. The total for 2016 was $9,131,950 which included the Faulkton Area Medical Center’s $3+ million for the new oncology addition, and the $5.6 million for the new jail. The total was $167,100 for 2015. In 2014 it totaled $1.6 million.

For 2017, 21 building permits were issued in the city. In 2016 there were 31 building permits issued.

The two biggest projects for the city were the Faulkton Area Economic Development Corporation for $315,000 for the new home of Chris and Erica Hadrick in Lot 1 of Faulkton’s new addition, and Vista One Real Estate for $250,000 for the new home of John and Jamie Miller at Lot 6 and 7, Block 3.

Other 2018 building permits issued were:

Three remodeling permits issued: Dave Huss, remodel for $10,000; John Jones Jr., remodel for $1,000; and Leah  Cotton, remodel for $50,000. Joe Wilson built a garage for $50,000; Cornelius and Colleen Leer put on a new roof and siding for $50,000; Ross Hansen added a shop at his property for $20,000; Dale and Joan Eschenbaum closed in their porch for $10,500; Faulk County Land and Title did basement work at the business for $10,000; Jim and Jody Moritz replaced a door and siding at their home for $5,500; JD Anderson added a metal roof to their home for $5,000; new school supt. Scott Lepke added a fence at his home for $1,200; Monty Geiger added a fence at his home for $500; and Duane Geist added a small addition for $50.

faulk county building permitsFaulk County Building Permits

It was an excellent building year for Faulk County with permits totaling over 6 million. The Faulk County Director of Equalization, Geoff Bray, listed 27 building permits issued for 2018 totaling $6,258,000. In 2017 there were 24 county building permits issued totaling over $2,143,800. In 2016 building permits issued totaled 31 at over $3.6 million.

Business permits issued were: Farmers Union Oil (Chelsea), $1.95 million, fertilizer plant; and Agtegra, $600,000, building addition and 4 new grain bins. Two hog barns were also built in the county in 2018: Wes Kalkman, hog barn, $750,000; Landon McCloud, hog barn, $750,000. Faulk County new home/addition permits issued were: Hamburger Farms, $350,000; Brady Schilder, $250,000; John Spotanske (Athol), $200,000; Jacob Levtzow, $275,000; Jerry Martchinske, new mobile home $165,000; Merrill Heim, house and barn, $150,000; David Melius, $150,000, addition.

Remodeling permits issued were: Scott Geist, $15,000, remodel/ windows; Allen Hadrick, $4,000 new siding; Irene Bau, $5,000 steel roof; Duane Martchinske, $15,000 repair roof; and Jordan Breeding, $5,000 car port; Sal Roseland, $10,000 deck; Terry Huss, $29,000 garage; Mark Baxter $4 - 5,000 garage.

Farm related permits issued were: Jan Hadrick, $10,000 steel barn; Brad Paul, $200,000 bins; Eric Rasmussen, $25,000 pole barn; Brentwood Colony, $8,000 pump house; Pat Bowar, $50,000 bin; Matt Bossly, $180,000 cold storage; Steve and Deb Roseland, $100,000 cattle shed; Haselhorst Farms, $8,000 pole shed.

Article courtesy of the Faulk County Record.

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