Thursday, June 04, 2020

The Faulkton City Council voted to rescind the Covid-19 resolution/ordinance 54 at its June monthly meeting.  After some discussion the council agreed that it was time to ease up restrictions, as there have been no covid cases reported in the last two months.  It was also noted that the city needed to start getting back to normal and that business be conducted as usual.  If a resurgence of the virus occurs the resolution will be put back in place.

 In other business the council voted to open the swimming pool for the summer, to allow activities at the Sports Complex, open the bathroom at Hope's Park and Playground and to open the Carousel for rides for the summer schedule.  Guidelines will be developed for the pool with an opening date in a couple weeks.  All venues will be sanitized and cleaned on a regular basis.  Parents will be asked to sign a Release and Waiver of Liability, Assumption of the Risk, Consent, and Indemnity Agreement-Covid-19 Agreement for their children participating in activities.

With the Covid crisis the Faulkton and Business Association had earlier voted to cancel their 2020 Wild West Day annual celebration, but there will still be a few activities for the holiday weekend.  Kelly and Dawn Melius will have their annual car show at the Faulkton ball park on the 4th and plans are also in the making to have the annual Old Timer's ball game as well a firework display that evening

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