Finally! One-Stop Website for Federal COVID Relief Resources Available for Small Businesses

Finally! One-Stop Website for Federal COVID Relief Resources Available for Small Businesses Main Photo

28 Oct 2020


The COVID-19 pandemic has been described as “unprecedented,” “troubling,” and “uncertain.” It is indeed all of those things, but for small business owners trying to find federal aid relief programs, you can add the word “confusing.” However, the official federal resource website for U.S. small businesses affected by COVID-19 was recently launched. From this one well-designed website, relevant federal agency resources can be researched. Business owners can also directly access the most recent COVID-19 related announcements and news from partnering federal agencies and search for a local Small Business Advisor.

This platform which provides small businesses access to a consolidated list of COVID-19 related information and resources from multiple federal agencies was developed through a partnership between the Association of Women Business Center (AWBC) and America’s SBDC (Small Business Development Centers). It is supported by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act.

While topics like the Paycheck Protection Program and farm loans are front and center — as you might expect — subjects like pet safety, facility cleaning, guidance for community events, home internet optimization tips, and cybersecurity are also covered.

The Federal Resources for Small Businesses topics:

  1. Financial Assistance including information about the Office of Small Business Programs, combatting COVID-19 fraud, Farm Loan Discovery Tool, youth loans, combatting hoarding and price gouging, Military Reservist Economic Injury Disaster Relief, SBA 504 Loan Program, SBA Express Bridge Loans, and more.
  2. Tax Credit and Filing Assistance including information about COVID-19-related tax credits for required paid leave, COVID-19-related employee retention credits, Paycheck Protection Program, and more.
  3. FMLA and Labor Assistance including information about the Fair Labor Standards Act, unemployment insurance relief, OSHA standards, and more.
  4. Medical Health and Safety including information and recommendations for healthcare settings, mass transit, travel, childcare facilities, camps, schools, nursing homes, bars and restaurants, food safety, pet safety, facility cleaning, guidance for community events, and more.
  5. Disaster Resiliency with information to proactively protect businesses and employees including an overview of the federal response, home internet optimization tips, The Disaster Assistance Improvement Program, FEMA support, and more.
  6. Contracting Assistance including information about Disaster Response Registry, SBA contracting options, coronavirus acquisition-related resources, surety bonds, CARES Act overview, and more.
  7. Logistics and Travel Assistance Including information about H-2A Visa Program, TSA, the role of the Department of State, FAA guidance, identifying critical infrastructure, telework guidance and resources, and more.
  8. Consumer Assistance including information about EPA enforcement and compliance policy, tips for holding secure virtual meetings, consumer warning and safety tips, and more.
  9. Cybersecurity with the latest training protocols and resources to protect small businesses including Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) guidance, defending against COVID-19 cyber scams, enterprise VPN security, and more.

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