Faulkton, South Dakota, Community Spirit Will Shine at the All-School Reunion. Register today!

Faulkton, South Dakota, Community Spirit Will Shine at the All-School Reunion. Register today! Main Photo

17 May 2022


Calling all Faulkton High School Trojans! It’s time for the 9th FHS All-School Reunion on July 3, 2022, during Wild West Days. Sure we all connect via social media these days, but liking pictures on Instagram or giving a thumbs-up on a wall post is not the same as reconnecting in real life with meaningful conversations. It can be good for the soul to reminisce and good for the career to network.

“We have a bunch of people attending from long distances,” said Kayla Roseland, FHS All-School Reunion Secretary. “This year, we have people coming from Germany. People are excited for the reunion and are traveling long distances to attend.” While the attendance is lowest for recent graduates, Roseland feels having a few younger people on the committee and getting solid entertainment has produced an “increase in those numbers from past years.”

Alumni still have until June 1st to register at the current prices:

  • $50/person includes the banquet, a program, a copy of the Alumni Directory, and live entertainment by the band Power Play.
  • Alumni Directories can also be purchased separately.

“The community spirit of Faulkton is shown through the volunteers that organized this event,” said Roseland. “No one gets paid to help, but we show up because we want what is best for our community. We love showcasing our beautiful town to the alumni who have moved away.” 

The All-School Reunion is unique because instead of just one graduating class gathering, it’s every available class coming together. In a community like Faulkton, South Dakota, where the sense of community and place is so strong, it just makes sense. Individual graduating classes may have special activities like the Class of ‘79’s float in the Wild West Days parade.

“The All-School Reunion allows people from all classes to get together versus just one class,” said Roseland. “It’s fun to see people who you went to high school with but might not have been in your class. My mom also graduated from Faulkton High School, so it’s fun for her classmates  to see their classmates’ kids and connect that way. We also invite the teachers to come to the All-School Reunion, so that is a way to connect that you don’t normally see at a traditional class reunion.”

“Dawn Redden is our current president and has done so much work for the reunion and getting the directory ready. Another huge thank you goes out to the ‘Teacher Committee’ that worked on the teacher section of the directory and gave us the idea for the new book!”

“My favorite part of the reunion is the banquet and seeing everyone who attends,” continued Roseland, who has been secretary since 2017 but has been helping out with decorating since 2002. “There are many hours put into planning the all-school reunion, and it’s fun to see all that work pay off. It takes many volunteers to put the All-School Reunion on. We are always looking for more people to help! If you would like to get involved, please reach out! I think the reunion is an important event for our school alumni and community and want it to continue.” 

Let’s not forget that in addition to the reunion, Wild West Days will be taking place the first weekend in July. “Many fun activities are being planned for Wild West Days, so please come to Faulkton to enjoy them!” said Roseland. “Wild West Days has always been a time for people to gather back in Faulkton for fun, family, and friends. When the All-School Reunion committee started, they thought that it only made sense to have the two events coincide. We are all able to benefit by having them together. I think more people attend because there are multiple activities going on to participate in.” 

Complete details for the All-School Reunion can be found here. Highlights include a teacher gathering and teacher meet-and-greet with alumni at the high school, tours of the recently remodeled school, a banquet, a program, and live entertainment. The banquet and evening entertainment will be under the tent on 8th Avenue N, south of Park Street. Power Play, which also features a few local musicians, will get the evening hopping with a variety of tunes from the likes of the Ronettes and Patsy Cline to Bruno Mars and Little Big Town.

You can register online here. Follow All-School Reunion on Facebook to keep up-to-date on all of the exciting happenings.