2022: Faulkton Fuels Its Commitment to Growth and Sustainability

2022: Faulkton Fuels Its Commitment to Growth and Sustainability Main Photo

11 Feb 2023


Faulkton’s motto, “We Believe in Possible,” fuels its commitment to growth and sustainability. Take a look at our 2022 progressions and achievements.


Health is wealth and to ensure Faulkton residents maintain theirs, the Faulkton Area Medical Center Foundation collaborated with Dr. Ken and Twyla Bartholomew to establish the Dr. Ken and Twyla Scholarship Program. The scholarship program will be a funding source to recruit and retain a physician to serve the community for years to come. The goal of the scholarship program is to become a perpetual funding source that continues to grow and secure the future of the Faulkton Area Medical Center for years.

There are seven Critical Care Access hospitals in the state of South Dakota. The Chartis Center for Rural Health added Faulkton Area Medical Center to their Top 100 Critical Access Hospitals for 2022. As stated on their website, “The Chartis Group is the nation’s leading healthcare advisory firm with an unparalleled breadth of capabilities and depth of experience.”

Information is King

Radio is still one of the most valuable ways of getting information to the masses. An unmatched connection happens between the on-air personality and the listener that can’t be replaced. KQDQ Radio brought back “The Faulkton Hour” with Kayla Hansen allowing listeners to learn about the Faulkton area and feel that connection with Kayla. 

Giving, Sharing, Growing

Giving is a divine act of service that fosters a positive sense of humanity which grows a community in many ways:

  • Faulkton Area Foundation granted awards to eight nonprofits in April and five in October. 
  • Faulkton Business and Professional Association and 26 businesses/retailers sponsored the “All Roads Lead to Faulkton.” This successful event centered around putting Faulkton center stage for a shopping extravaganza. 
  • Faulkton Area Lions presented Carrie Deiter with the Community Service Award for her sincere, volunteering efforts shared throughout the community.
  • Former Faulkton residents, Dennis and Linda Batteen, donated $25K to the Dr. Ken and Twyla Bartholomew Scholarship Program.

Children are the Future

It’s essential for our children to have a solid foundation inside and outside of the home. The Faulkton Area Out of School Program increased capacity by expanding its childcare services to include ages 4 and up and offers a before-school daycare option. To further accommodate the childcare demand, Faulkton School purchased the Community Center from the City of Faulkton. The Faulkton Area Out of School Program has relocated to this space.   

Relax, Relate, and Release

Feel at home away from home. Faulkton welcomes all guests and visitors as lodging alternatives abound. Relax, relate, and release stress and tension in one of our comfortable and cozy, recently added/upgraded accommodation spaces:

Upgrades and Relocations

The community is empowered to thrive when diverse ideas, dreams, and hopes come together. This type of strength ensures growth and sustainability. In 2022, there were upgrades and relocations that reinforced this empowerment:

  • Homan Hardware started construction and has moved into their new, larger facility in the Industrial Park. 
  • Owner JoDee Bryant expanded Oil Up Buttercup by adding Buttercup Coffee, a specialty coffee bar.
  • Brandon and Carrie Tennant purchased Bernadine Selting’s land and property where Bernadine farmed, raised, and worked in the quarter horse industry for 50 years. The Tennants are using the buildings for storage and the horse barn has been renovated to house their business.
  • The Faulk County 4-H Leaders donated their Quonset hut to the Faulk County Transit to be used as a garage for their bus plus storage and an office. A long term lease will be worked out with the city, who owns the property. Plans to renovate are scheduled to start spring of 2023.
  • Owners Troy and Stacy Hadrick secured a space in the Industrial Park for their North Prairie Butchery’s Faulkton location. Construction is slated to start spring of 2023. 

Stakeholders’ Take

In August, 67 people attended a Stakeholders’ meeting moderated by Kristi Wagner and Nick Fosheim of Dakota Resources. All ideas presented will be addressed in upcoming strategic Faulkton Area Economic Development Corporation (FAEDC) meetings.

The community was excited to hear about the opening of Blondie’s Tables and Taps. Blondie’s is renovating the former Masonic Temple building and hopes to open either spring or summer of 2023.


Faulkton’s businesses, partners, and residents continue to make Faulkton the “can do” town and  look forward to a successful 2023.