Luce Funeral Home

PO Box 326 • 814 St. John Street • Faulkton, SD 57438
United States
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There is a Difference…

We offer each family we serve, the opportunity to commemorate their loved one through the sharing of thoughts, feelings and memories. Through each celebration of life, families are able to reflect on the growth, commitments, achievements, and the passing of the seasons in the lives of their loved ones.

Whether your family prefers burial or cremation, we believe that our first priority is to provide the very best in caring and professional service to every family that we serve. Our goal is to help each family honor the life of their loved one with a service offering dignity, integrity, and respect…allowing family and friends to come together to remember, to honor, to support each other and to celebrate a life that has lived.

Because we are family owned and operated, we are proud to work like a family, from the time the first phone call is received, throughout the service and beyond…everyone doing their part to provide honest, compassionate service to every family in need. We are very proud of our family tradition, and we pledge to continue our commitment to families far into the future.


Mandy Luikens & Tiffany A. Hofer